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Our Urban Translator is a digital menu platform that allows your restaurant to display and seamlessly manage menu content and orders all in real-time. Patrons are treated to a new experience that allows them to view full-size pictures, browse specials, customize their order, and more. With features like up-selling and complete analytics, sales are immediately boosted and all ROI increases are tracked. Our application services you, your staff, and your patrons, with just the touch of a finger.

Precise Up-selling

Never miss an upsell! The Urban Translator prompts patrons for additional items, suggested pairings, and additional cost options on any item. Capture impulse buys throughout the ordering process.

Engaging Displays

The Urban Translator enhances your menu with beautiful photographs and detailed descriptions. Allow your guests to view everything in a new and exciting way.


Doubles staff efficiency! – Waiters are able to handle up to 2x more tables. See more stats below.

Print Cost Reduction

From our dashboard, you can update menu items on your digital restaurant menu as frequently as you like, without costly re-prints of paper menus.


  • 10% increase in average check sizes

  • Up to 40% increase in drink sales

  • 200% increase in server efficiency

  • 26% increase in revenue via direct marketing

  • 9 min faster table turns

Resorts / Casinos


Our Hotel Translator is an in-room software application displayed on 10” tablets, which allows guests to not only view all amenities, but also order and book anything they’d like without ever picking up the phone. The Hotel Translator streamlines request management, allows instant content updates, guarantees up-selling, and measures ROI. It is a new way to service your guests, while at the same time, making your process more efficient and substantially increasing revenue for your hotel.

Capture More Sales

Increases reservations by providing more visibility and promotion of hotel amenities. Increases room service sales by making ordering effortless. See stats below.

Guest Satisfaction

Improves loyalty and attracts more international travelers.


Reduces time spent communicating orders to the kitchen or other staff.


Saves money by reducing printing costs and waste.


Improves decision-making with valuable stats about how guests order and interact with the devices.


  • 21% more room service orders

  • 89% average guest usage of tablets
    (over calling the front desk)

  • Up to 100% savings on all print collateral

  • An average of 33 touches per 5-day stay

  • 16% increase in the total price per room service check



Our Airline Translator is a seat back tablet application that enables your passengers to view your menu and order in a whole new way. The Airline Translator enables your staff to manage and deliver orders faster and more efficiently than ever. Complete with up-selling functionality, the application encourages passengers to purchase more premium drinks and meals. All user interactions are tracked and the data is displayed in a web-based admin to help you make better business decisions.

Print Cost Reduction

With our digital menu system, up to 100% of printed materials can be eliminated. Nearly everything currently printed can be displayed on the Airline Translator.

Sales Increase

When orders and requests can be made at any point during a flight, passengers are empowered to order whenever they desire. Capture impulse buys by being there in the moment when they have the urge.

Fast & Convenient Ordering

Let your passengers order at their leisure. Their orders are sent directly to your attendants, improving efficiency and accuracy. The guest experience is improved when you allow your guests to casually browse the menu and order whenever they prefer.

Detailed Analytics

What do you really know about your passengers? The Airline Translator captures detailed customer feedback and tells you which menu items they like most. It provides valuable data so that you get the most out of your digital menu platform.

Our Story

Translations are core to our company for many reasons. We translate your content into any language that you desire. But that’s not all. We translate your paper menus into an interactive experience by displaying it in a digital format that can be updated in real-time. We translate verbal orders into electronic requests, increasing accuracy and efficiency. We translate your missed opportunities into enhanced sales through up-selling.

By harnessing the power of all types of translations, we increase your bottom line and overall experience for management, staff, and guests.

Key Results

  • 10% increase in average restaurant check sizes
  • Up to 100% savings on all print collateral
  • 16% increase in average hotel room service checks

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Value to the Restaurant


Giving Back

Urban Translations was founded on the premise of helping people! These are just a few of the organizations that we give back to, both philanthropically and by volunteering.


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In the ever-changing landscape of the hospitality industry, one must consistently improve and evolve to stay on the cutting edge. When you upgrade to digital, you will have menus that explain not only with text, but with pictures and video as well. You will allow your patrons to touch, feel, and practically taste your menu. Our product streamlines your processes, enables you to make updates to your menu at any time, captures impulse buys, and creates more efficiency with your staff. Join the many business owners that are taking advantage of the powerful and profitable features of all digital.
Start small and simple. We suggest running an initial pilot program of 5-15 tablets. For a hotel, the tablets can be deployed in your most exclusive rooms. For airlines, the software can be implemented in first class. After the pilot program, you will understand how the digital menus work best for you. Together we will evaluate and determine the best expansion plan for your business in order to maximize your profits.
Step 1. You provide us with your menu and associated content. For hotels, we will also work with you to get a list of amenities, and related schedules.
Step 2. We input all your content and provide the branded design, full translations (if desired), and menu photography. This process can be done in as little as 1 week!
Step 3. You receive ready-to-use tablets!
Having multiple languages is completely optional, as are many of our features. We will work with you to select the features that are right for your clientele, and you'll discover how our platform can best translate your menu into greater sales and more enriched experiences. With the wide array of options available, each of our customers has a completely unique system, tailored just for them.
Just click one button in the web-based admin and sync your tablets to see the change! Never again do you need to re-print menus just to update a price change! No more telling your guests that you ran out of an item!
No worries! We have you covered with our insurance partners. You can insure your tablets just like you insure your cell phone. Tablet insurance is available at a very affordable price and covers theft, water damage, and anything else you can throw at them! If you want a more permanent fix, we also have solutions to secure the tablets to your tables or walls.
Yes! We have partnerships with leasing companies that allow you to lease both hardware and software. You can choose to spread payments over a time frame that works best for you.
Of course! If desired, we offer integration to send orders directly to your POS system. We also built our digital menu system in a way that POS integration is not mandatory.
Restaurant and hotel clients typically see a return on investment within 4 months with a full rollout of our product.
If you can think it, we can make it! We are constantly improving our software and we gladly consider requests from our clients. Some additional features to choose from:
  • Payment on the device
  • Custom videos
  • Listing of nearby attractions
  • Offer your guests a smartphone app to view and order from their phones

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