5 Ways to Attract Millennials: Future-Proofing Your Hotel with Tech

With the rise of the sharing-economy, like Airbnb, hotels need to find ways to set themselves apart from the new breed of competitors. From a survey, 67% of Americans have favorable impressions of this new economy. Support among millennials (people aged 18-34) was even higher: nearly three-quarters reported a favorable view of this new industry. It is easy to neglect the preferences of millennials who may not be a hotelier’s target market today, but will be in the near future. Here are the top five ways hoteliers can attract millennials by future-proofing their hotel with technology now.

Mobile Device Support
Nowadays, free Wi-Fi is a given. Some hotels even go as far as offering gigabit Internet speeds. What else can you do, then? Something as easy as having compatible charging stations around the hotel will give your guests that extra sense of comfort. To step up the game, you can even have wireless charging pads for your tech savvy customers – Starbucks has done it, why haven’t you?

Luxury Amenities
A growing number of hotel operators are providing high-end sophisticated in-room technologies such as Bose sound systems or smart TVs for their guests’ viewing pleasures. With the cost of Bluetooth speakers and TVs going down, providing these luxury amenities is more cost efficient than ever.

App Loyalty Programs
Incorporating mobile technology is another big way to elevate the guest experience. “Mobile apps, combined with loyalty rewards programs, now allow hospitality providers to create a persona-based experience,” says Perry Kramer, VP of Customer Engagement with Boston Retail Partners (a consulting firm focused on customer engagement and loyalty). Using data supplied by the guest, a hotelier can easily craft a personalized experience for the guests, encouraging return visits.

Integrating Internet of Things
IoT was the buzzword back in 2014, and since then, these technologies have been widely implemented in different industries. Some hotels have doors which can be unlocked with a phone, some have doorbells with an integrated camera so you don’t have to walk to the door to know who it is. One such technology, a smart thermostat, can even save money for you. Smart thermostats can save energy learning from the environment and setting the cooler or heater at the optimum temperature.

Personalized Concierge
Many hotels offer guests concierge-level services via a lobby information center. The new trend is to bring the concierge experience in-room with software on tablets. In-room digital concierges allow guests to order room service, book spa appointments and other reservations without having to wait in line. One such solution, Urban Translations, captures 28% more room service orders with an 18% increase in total price per room service check. Guests can also explore other activities & amenities offered by your hotel and book them right on the tablet. With Urban Translations, there is a 90% average guest usage on tablets (over using the phone) with an average of 33 touches per 5-day stay. By going paperless, it saves over $500 a month in printing costs and attracts millennials.
The fight against the sharing economy won’t be easy for hotels, but with strategic implementation of technology, the hospitality industry can bridge the gap. Learn how Urban Translations can consult with you to help future-proof your hotel today!

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