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Our Hotel Translator is an in-room digital concierge that allows guests to order your amenities without ever picking up the phone.  Our customizable software allows resorts to feature all their service offerings on one platform, in any language.


  • Room service
  • Spa reservations
  • Loyalty program signups
  • Promote your other properties
  • Ticket sales to shows and events
  • Restaurant and nightclub reservations
  • And much more. . .
Urban Translations’ software offers guests easy-to-use tablets for immediate access to the personalized attention to detail we’ve always prided ourselves on.
~ Don Voss, VP Hotel Sales & Marketing,
Treasure Island
Why Urban Translations for Resorts and Hotels?
Capture More Sales

Effortlessly inform your guests of the activities and amenities available to them. Easily up-sell to your guests by prompting additional services, and at the same time indulging them to the full guest experience! With a tablet in every room, impulse buys are measurably increase the average room service check by 18%.

Increase Loyalty

Attract more millennials and enable guest sign-ups for your loyalty program to increase returning visits. With our analytics dashboard, crafting the perfect guest experience is made easier.

In-Room Promotions

From selling show & event tickets to marketing your other properties, the possibilities are endless with an intuitive tablet in-room. Use our platform to rotate marketing messages and cross-promotions as often as you please.

Speak Every Language

Studies show that people are 6 times more likely to purchase if the item for sale is written in their native language, even if they can read other languages. Never get lost in translation with our multilingual feature - perfect for resorts with international guests.


More room service orders on avg


Average guest usage of tablets (over calling the front desk)


Average reduction of all print collateral


Avg increase in total price per room service check

We Proudly Support Tribal Casinos

Our platform adapts to your unique needs. We connect all of your existing systems & software to save costs and create a consistent experience for your guests.  Here are some additional features:


dice_small Our software drives guests to your gaming floor.


server_small All data can be stored locally on-site.


consulting_small  We consult with you, leveraging analytics to
assess what guests really want.


For resorts, we can also provide digital menus to your fine dining establishments like Al Dente at Foxwoods Resort.  This results in increasing wine sales and attracting more millennials.

We help casinos stay ahead of competition by providing convenience to guests, giving promotions to encourage guests to use new machines, and keeping everyone informed of the current Jackpots.


We donate a portion of sales to the Spirit of Sovereignty, a scholarship program that helps native students realize their dreams of a college education.


We appreciate the opportunity to help Indian Country and support SOS’s mission!

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