Accurate. Reliable. Powerful.

Our Airline Translator allows passengers to order from your menu in their language, while the orders are presented to your crew in their native language.


  • Increasing trust in menu accuracy and availability
  • Catering to the language of all travelers
  • Suggesting pairings and up-selling
  • Capitalizing on impulse buys
  • Reducing printing costs
  • Advertising revenue
  • And much more. . .
Profit is the applause you receive for serving your customers well.
~ Sim Kay Wee, Senior Vice President of Cabin Crew, Singapore Airlines
Why Urban Translations for Airlines?
Print Cost Reduction

With our digital menu platform, up to 100% of printed materials can be eliminated. Nearly all collateral currently printed can be displayed on the Airline Translator.

Sales Increase

When orders and requests are made during any point of the flight, passengers are empowered to order more. Capture impulses by being there in the moment every time they have the urge to buy.

Fast & Convenient Ordering

Let your passengers order at their leisure. Their orders are sent directly to your flight attendants, improving efficiency and accuracy. The cabin experience is improved when you allow your passengers to casually browse the menu and order whenever they desire.

Detailed Analytics

What do you really know about your passengers? The Airline Translator captures detailed customer feedback and tells you what is and isn't performing. It provides valuable data so that you get the most out of our digital menu platform.


More premium beverage orders placed on average


Travelers want to view a menu in their native language


Attendants find digital menus easier to use


Reduction of print collateral

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