Urban Translations at the 17th Annual TribalNet Conference

For seventeen years, TribalNet has been an industry resource for technology professionals in the Native American community. Since its formation, TribalNet has connected tribal IT leaders with the latest technological innovations available for their market.

Need for Innovation in Casinos
At the 2016 TribalNet Conference, speakers discussed how Tribal Casinos must stay competitive and add value to their property through technological innovation. They emphasized the need for casinos to broaden their perspective and focus on all segments of their property, rather than just focusing on gaming revenue. Moreover, they discussed how to attract millennials to their gaming floor and how to stay competitive.

This year, Urban Translations attended TribalNet and made many meaningful and lasting connections with the tribal gaming industry. Urban Translations is the leading digital platform for Indian Gaming Casinos, providing a competitive and innovative solution. Their premiere Indian Gaming client, Foxwoods Resort, is implementing digital menus in their fine dining establishment, Al Dente.

Data Sovereignty & Competitiveness
During TribalNet, attendees addressed data sovereignty and their desire to store their guest data onsite. Speakers during the week long conference, emphasized that adhering to this mentality will relegate Tribal Gaming to old technology and prevent them from innovating and staying ahead of the competition.

Urban Translations, is one such provider that meets the Tribal worlds need for data security, while still allowing for innovation. They accomplish this by parsing out the data into sensitive and non-sensitive and storing the sensitive data on-site and non-sensitive data on the cloud. Urban Translations’ methodology saves Tribal Casino’s tremendous cost, while proving innovation through their digital platform.

About Urban Translations
Urban Translations is leading the hospitality industry to a higher level of efficiency, customer service, and profitability through the art of translation. Their intuitive platform translates menu items into any language. Urban Translations’ flagship product is a digital touchscreen menu platform that enables guests to order menu items and amenities in any language, with the tap of a tablet or smartphone. By capturing impulse purchases, Urban Translations makes and saves money for its clients. Meanwhile, hotel guests no longer have to wait in long concierge lines, hold on the phone for a staff member, or flag down a server for their bill.

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